Terminal Server

By enabling thin clients to run on the server infrastructure, we substantially eliminate the challenges our customers face with respect to maintenance, security and license management of their PCs, while we reduce their costs considerably.

It is difficult and expensive to manage an infrastructure consisting of PCs and notebooks. Such a structure leaves corporate data and their backup mostly to the initiative of employees.

Commonly, issues arise in license management and audits due to unauthorized program installations. Drawing on our experience in the installation and maintenance of the “Terminal Server” architecture, we effectively reduce these costs and difficulties for our customers with this architecture.

The Terminal Server architecture is a centralized structure and is used through the so-called Thin Client computers, which present much lower energy consumption and failure percentages as compared to PCs and notebooks. They are not prone to becoming obsolete and can be used for many years as opposed to PCs. In the Terminal Server architecture, backup is handled by centralized servers, and is thus carried out automatically. Also, license management issues are eliminated to a great extent. You can contact us for more information on Terminal Servers and their contribution to your company.

Terminal Server

Terminal Server

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